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Come utilizzarlo

Dal Maestro Giovanni Lucchi, inventore del LucchiMeter, LucchiCremona e' ora lieta di presentare LucchiSound.
Con questa App, potente ma semplicissima da usare, potrai imparare come produrre un suono piacevole da ascoltare da vicino oltre ad essere un suono proiettato, che corre lontano e raggiunge ogni angolo della sala da concerto.

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How to use

With this powerful but easy-to-use software you can learn how to produce a sound which will reach every angle of a concert hall.

With this new program we hope to make a contribution in the quest of understanding the “bel suono”, and hope to start serious research in this direction. In developing this program, our wish was to make it easy to use to allow singer and musicians, professionist and students of all levels the chance to have a projected and powerful sound (someone will say it seems amplified).

It does not matter if the sound comes from a violin or a singer, now with LucchiSound you can measure if it is a powerful sound.

Just sing or play your instrument in front of your device and look at the orange LucchiSound bar. This value normally is between 0 and 100 and, after a lot of calculations, gives you the measure of how “full” is your sound.

All the sounds are a combination of harmonics that are all important, but we measure and calculate the right combination that experimentally enhance your sound. This is the LucchiSound value (the orange bar).

So when you reach high value of LucchiSound (more than 75) on the orange bar, you are emitting sound with the right vigorous harmonics.

With LucchiSound you can learn in minutes how to play or sing, with the better posture, to obtain a very powerful and running sound.

People around you will feel the difference, asking you how you can do it.


Some suggestion for singers:

Your instrument is your chest combined with your breath.

For this reason you have more possibilty than musicians because you can change the dimensions and posture of “your instrument”. Simply relaxing and expanding your chest you can add or remove harmonics to your sound.

The LucchiSound visualize in realtime the combination of harmonics that gives you the projecting sound. Only look at the orange bar and try to have the higher value, take care that it is not affected by the volume, so do not try to sing too loud.


Some suggestion for musicians:

Violinists can change sound, while playing, simply changing the bow speed, pressure and the distance from the bridge. Also playing with more relaxed muscles, you can reach higher value of LucchiSound (orange bar), that it is not affected by the volume.


Musicians sometimes play with the bow close to the fingerboard to get a beautiful sound, but this sound does not carry, it does not have projection, it stays close to the musician.

Just think about a violinist who plays along with a huge orchestra. How does he manage to raise his sound above the others. Certainly not using the volume of sound, but rather its quality and richness; a quality different from that of the orchestra, only then will people perceive that sound as the one of the soloist.


Another problem is that you are unable to hear the quality of your sound as does someone sitting in the audience might.

We know that two types of sound exist: the one produced by the instrument which the musician hears directly under his ear, and the feedback sound which travels in the air. In truth this latter one is more interesting but the musician is not taught how to listen to it.

So if the musician is unable to hear his own sound, how can he correct it?
How can he modify and embellish it?
And where does he start to study sound?

The LucchiSound visualize in realtime the combination of harmonics that gives you the projecting sound: so only look at the orange bar (LucchiSound value) and try to have the higher value.


Suggestion for everyone:

The LucchiSound visualize in realtime the combination of harmonics that gives you the projecting sound.

Do not play or sing “strongly”: the “bel suono” can be present in a “pianissimo” or in a “fortissimo”, and the LucchiSound (orange bar) will be at high level in both this situations.

Only look at the orange bar and try to have the higher value, it is not affected by the volume.

Often people that uses LucchiSound can change the sound (and increase the orange bar value) simply relaxing the muscles during playing or singing.


Try it!

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