From Maestro Giovanni Lucchi, the inventor of the LucchiMeter,
LucchiCremona is proud to present LucchiSound.
With this powerful yet easy-to-use app, you can learn how to produce a sound which will be pleasant to listen to in close range as well as a sound that will reach every seat of a concert hall.

   Now Available on Google Market  


Whether the sound comes from an instrument (such as a violin) or a singer, with LucchiSound you can measure the sound's carrying power.
Simply sing or play your instrument in front of your device and watch the orange bar display the Lucchi Sound value. The higher the orange bar rises, the more your sound will project. Some listeners say they feel as though the performer's sound seems amplified.
You can learn in minutes how to improve your playing or singing, as well as to improve your posture to obtain a more focused sound.